About us  

Creation Muyrers is an brand communication agency. 

We customize practises of brand strategy, design, technology and content to shape powerful ideas for disruptive marketing channels. Our combination of efficient networking and solving real client challenges is our ideal partnership perspective. Our clients and references range from local companies to renowned global corporations.

Creation Muyrers leads a premier team of top range brand and creative consultancy. We work together, closely interlinked across all services. CM is managed by Ralf Muyrers who has been working in the communication industry since the late 90´s with sound experiences in international Networks like BBDO Group and GREY Global Group.


CM works in close partnership with:

BSC The Brand Strategy Consultants

Volker Neuhaus, founder of BSC,  has a Profound level of know-how working with brands during 20 Years in management as a brand consultant with both agency and client-side experience in implementation. Background in market research with deep-reaching knowledge in the areas of adverting efficacy, consumer insights and methodology development. 

Specialized in market analysis and brand positioning, the development of communications strategies, brand building and brand diversification, branding strategies, brand architecture, as well as corporate processes.

Advisor of well-known national and international companies in all branches and of all sizes in these areas.

After moving to the brand agency GREY, he was one of the founders of GREY Strategic Planning in the early 90’s, one of the first to offer brand management consulting in Germany. He was managing director of this agency division for over a decade before establishing BSC.


congaz visual media company

is an internationally active, creative media production company with offices in Düsseldorf and Berlin. Congaz focus is on the areas of design and digital, film and animation, content development and live communication.

Congaz generates crossmedial solutions covering the whole spectrum of digital communication - tailormade and at the highest aesthetic level.



Stefan Kranefeld Imaging and Photography

Stefan Kranefeld Imaging and Photography is specialised in High-End Photo Compositing and commercial Photography. Stefan Kranefeld was one of the first photo retouching professionals since the early 90´s, when Adobe Photoshop was lauched. While working for international advertising networks, he also shoots commercial photo campaigns for various brands.